Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Drives People Away From Your Website

When you are starting a blog or website, you want people to WANT to go on it, you want features that draw people in, not things that drive them away.

1. PopUp Ads

When I go to website and I have a popup advertisment flash on my screen, I automatically get the vibe that the website I am on is a disease (virus) filled website, I go into "danger" mode and leave right away, 
Even if your site has great content, a popup advertisment can take the most wonderful site and make it look like "Trash" 

2. Advertisments For Gaming Sites

Yes, Advertisments, Now, I know some of you are trying to make money, but could you please refrain from advertisments for games like "Clash of the Scary People" or whatever its called! When I go to nice little site and see a beautiful IMVU advertisment with a girl and guy in a certain "Pose"..... It doesn't make me think highly of the site....
Also most of these are flashy, this can distract your readers and they will be to facisionated by the "Shiny" button than on what you have to say! Also when they see an ad with "Adult" content, they get the impession that the site is full of "Adult" content.

3. Misspelled Words

This is a total "No No" When you go to a blog or website you want your reader to understand the Content.
What I really hate is when I go across a blog like this:
2day I ttally wnt 2 c my BF of TTR we lke ced a flck (Even I can't understand that and I typed it!) 
Even Puntiaction is good, and spacing is also good. 
I really hate it when I come across:
Me and Mei went for a walk she said lets go he said i ran into naruto and he said to come join me i called out but Mei said naruto (Actual Story!)
Paragraphs too: Don't forget we would rather read:
I think cats are cool.
Dogs make me think of Cats, like those little puppies dogs!

I think cats are cool dogs make me think of cats like those little puppie dogs. 
Paragraphs make it look Cleaner and more proffesional!

4. Pictures of your Cat

There is nothing wrong with posting a picture of  cat once and a while, but I went to this one blog, where someone posted 20 pictures a day of their cat doing their "ninja" face. It was annoying. Sorry, but no one really cares about your cat's ninja face-If they do they don't want to see 10 pictures of it.

(Now imagine 50 posts like that?)

So now you know the things you should Avoid! 
Especially the Cat one.

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  1. I saw that you said not to misspell words but you misspelled a couple yourself


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