Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Cups of Tea: Is it a Fake?

Does this book have all it's facts straight? Is Greg Mortenson a phony? Well, today, April 18. 2011, Greg Mortenson was accused in the New York Times of exagerating parts of his non-fiction book, Three Cups of Tea (the above image is the junior version).
In his story, Mortenson describes that he became lost on a mountain and found a small village, Korphe (in Pakistan). He said that the  townspeople nursed him back to health and he promised to build a school for them. However, a 60 minutes report (see link below) found the sherpas, who are mountain experts, who travelled with Mr. Mortenson, who deny this.
Also in the book is a part where Greg Mortenson describes how he was kidnapped by the Taliban, who are people who support terrorists. But 60 minutes apparently found the men and discovered that they are not the Taliban but actually educated people with jobs.
The Central Asia Institue claims that 54 schools have been built educating 28,000 students. Reporters visited nearly 30 schools and found that almost half of them were empty.
This statement, however, is all from one point of view. From only one side of the story. More to follow on Greg Mortenson's side.
Make sure to check back regularly for updates on this latest news. This is Neko and Teko reporting from a confusion.
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