Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alas I Have Returned

Prison Break: Wentworth MillerImage by danzden via Flickr
In the wee hours of the morning as my mind is full of many things a sudden idea popped into my mind. I had a sudden need to write, yes write and wear else is there a better place to write than the wonderful website/blog you own where wonderful people will read or more likely read the first sentence and pass over your wonderful insight and ideas.
And therefore a certain person will stop....well actually won't stop asking "Can I have your website?"

Now I hope you had a good holidays-hopefully kicking back with some friends and family and watching Prison Break. What? You didn't spend 12 hours a day watching Prison break your whole vacation?
Well.....I did......Its not my fault, the video store was having a "YA GUYS! GET 7 MOVIES/DISCS OF OLD STUFF NO ONE WATCHES ANYMORE AND ONLY PAY $7!" So I picked the random disc off the shelf which was Prison break and now I am addicited.

Speaking of movies have you heard of the neat little thing called Netflix? Its a program/website that you can run on your computer and even on your Wii, X-box and I-pod Touch. Its only $7.99 a month and you get the first month free. Its neat that you can watch a lot of shows and movies and I found the stash of anime near the back of the site, >Laughs evilly<  Like a handful of sites, the site breaks down your movies into categories, than breaks those categories into more categories so you can find what you want. Heres an example for my wonderful anime section:

*Please forgive me if it is not complete accurate I am only Human....*

 > Action Anime
 > Drama Anime
 > Comedy Anime
 >Si Fi Anime

Another neat thing about the service is that it takes movies and shows you've "liked" and recommends ones of similar genre.

I have also discovered another wonderful website for art fans known as Deviantart, it is a community where artists can share and provide feedback on art work submitted by other users, It welcomes all types of art from abstract , photography and traditional. I enjoy going on there especially for the digital art....I just like it for a reason. 
Heres an example:
Its amazing what can be drawn on a computer. I myself really enjoy deviantart-though I warn you there are tons of haters that will leave mean stuff on your amazing half drawn sonic pictures and you will go to their profile and only find a poorly drawn tree with a stick figure on it.
Alas I had a wonderful christmas and got art suppiles, Since  I love drawing.

Well I hope you all enjoy your lives and watch out for:

Michael Scottfield.
Yes He is from Prison Break.


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  1. i have to have you website because this is going to be the only post youhave on here in months


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