Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pet Patrol

This is a new feature on our site. We, Neko and Teko, feel bad for slacking off and are now adding Pet Patrol. Once in a while, we will feature on an interesting pet... not just your dog and cat stuff. Here is the chosen pet for today: Micro Mini Pig.

These cute little guys are almost full grown. You may have guessed by their name that micros stay small. They can weigh from 10-30 pounds as adults and can grow from 8''-12'' tall. Thats pretty small! Now, here is a sample argument between one girl and her parents over micro pigs.
Girl: They're sooooo cute!
Parents: What a hastle! They'll stink up the whole house!
Girl: Micros don't smell... they don't have sweat glands and can't sweat except through their nose!
Parents: They'll make so much noise!
Girl: Not if you pay them attention like I will!
Parents: How much do these things cost? Where can we buy one?
Girl: They can cost $5-$5000. You can get one from a breeder or on a website like Kijiji.
Parents: $5000! Is this a joke?!?
Girl: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"LL do anything!
Parents: N-O.

There you have it- an educational argument. I sure hope your's doesn't go this way... good luck!
Places in Ontario to Purchase a Micro Mini Pig:

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