Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: Bunny Sightings?

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 As many of you probably know, this weekend was Easter weekend. Many of you probably had an Easter egg hunt with family and friends. Many of you probably spent this time thinking about Jesus on the cross. Well, whatever you did, we hope that you had a good time during this nice long weekend. Our question is: what happened to the bunny? Very few people claim to have seen the Easter bunny this year, but many still received chocolate or treats from the bunny. How is this possible? Well here are some accounts on one bunny sighting.

Little Child: It hop in backyard! I seen it!

Medium Child: It left us the Easter eggs! It's an Easter miracle!


Parents: I can't believe how expensive chocolate is these days!

Grandmother: I wish I could have seen it! But my eyesight isn't as it once was. (sigh)

There you have it people. A first-hand account of an Easter bunny sighting. Many claim to have not seen an Easter bunny, but the blue thing instead! We suspect that Carl is behind this.....
Well, we hope that you have had a happy Easter whether you celebrate Jesus on the cross, or just look forward to the chocolate. This is Neko and Teko reporting from the BUNNY SIGHTING LIVE station.

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