Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding-A Royal Interuption?

On April 29 at Westminster Abbey, the world will come together as two souls are joined. And of course this is no ordinary wedding, this is the connection of Prince William and Kate Middleton
The world will be watching (Europe and North America anyway) As the wonderful lady wearing the expensive dress and the man with the creepy smile, (Look at prince William' smile, its creepy you got to admit.)
Fun Fact: The two are getting married on Neko's Birthday, Ya you got that right.
But news just in, that they may be having an unexpected guest watching them from the crowds.
He himself is a King. And He himself wants to claim the beautiful princess for himself.

Though this King doesn't have a creepy 'charming' smile that Prince William has and has been working on his smile trying to get it as creepy as he can be.
This king is the king of ten aliens, His name is Ben 10.
He hopes to sway the princess over by using his Alien Awesomeness, though she finds it gross and won't date someone who is only 10 years old. So his 13 year old self from the second series came but she still rejected his slimy alienness. He threatened her, saying he would wreck the wedding so Kate has hired the Care Bears   to guard her wedding.

If Ben 10 tries anything they will swing in song and dance and fire popcorn from their weird things on their bellies.

We will see how the wedding turns out and it will hopefully be "Wonderific."

This is Neko and Teko Reporting from Care Bear Land!

*This is fiction.

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