Wednesday, July 20, 2011

America's Got Talent: Rigged for Voices?

Attack Dance Crew displays impressive choreography
After settling down to watch America's Got Talent last night, we noticed that a majority of the performers were singers. Which of course wasn't surprising. We decided to look up previous year's results and realized that many if not all the winners of the finales, were in fact singers. Is it just that America has a soft spot for the few gifted with the 'perfect' voice, or is it maybe do to the fact that North America is greatly influenced by today's 'vocal artists'? Take Justin Bieber for example: More American teenagers know when his birthday is than when the declaration of Independence was signed.

   There are many other acts (dancing, comedy, magic acts, animal acts, and more) that work at least as hard if not harder than the singers. Many had to work hard for the talent rather than be gifted with it. These acts should be on a level playing field with vocalists. As it seems that the 'singers' always manage to dig their ways into the judges hearts. Nothing against them, but it would be good to see someone else who has a different type of talent to be exposed: Take the 'Brothers' on the show last night, whipping around the stage on motorcycles performing risky feats, and a male dancer twirling 13 ft in the air, These acts take a lot of strength and a lot of time to work on, while it seems that all the credit goes to the singers-wouldn't it be different if a non-singer won this years competition.
Or has American viewers locked themselves into place-favoring the singers and refusing to try something new? A lot of people are said to not like change and would prefer to have the same thing happen every day-because its comfortable and they have grown accustomed to whom they place their votes on.
There are some singers this season that do have alot of talent!
But Come On America-Show everyone that you have other talents too: That you will give a chance.

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