Friday, June 5, 2009

Ben 10

I didn't have anything to do today so I decided to look around for some small news!
I found this kid eating a lollipop so I asked him if he had done anything exciting!
(Better than staring at frozen cheese. Wait that could have been a good story..)
He said he met Ben 10, I asked him." Where did you meet this Ben 10?" He took a bit of his giant purple lollipop!
"He was doing some kind of alien action evolving thing."
"In my toilet."
So Ben 10 was doing alien action in a toilet.
"It was awesome then santa came and stole Ben 10 so I yelled at him!"
Then the kid went on and on about how Awesome Ben 10 looked in the toilet.
I phoned up Teko and we wrote a story.
I think Grape Juice has something to do with Ben 10.
Ps. Kraft Dinner robbed a bank. (That's another story.)
Pss. Sorry to bring you such a boring story.
This Just In Neko and Teko!
Reporting from some bus thing that eat my Cookie.

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