Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ottawa Blasts Rae's absurd Deportation

Some guy named Rae got blasted by Ottawa, I don't know how the heck Ottawa which is a city was able to blast the guy named Rae. First of all, Ottawa can't get up and blast Rae.
If Ottawa was to get up and walk, I just don't think it's possible. Even if Ottawa has somehow defeated the laws of physics, what did Ottawa blast Rae with? Ketchup?
Kraft Dinner? Or maybe Ottawa Blasts Rae has something to do with Politics and Parliament. Now that I am done with the Politics stuff. What I don't get is that Canada and U.S.A. are connected, but yet we have different Politic rules. So instead of having a President or a Prime Minister we should have Premise Minst, So, who do you think should be our next Premise Minst.
Our Candidates are
Wolverine : He thinks things should be more pointy!
Sabertooth: He wants dental care to include sharping fangs
Hammer: .........................
Who do you think should be the next Premise Minst.
So, I know Politics are confusing. So, we should probably get a book on Politics.
This just in
Neko and Teko reporting on a confusing case of Politics!

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