Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slugs take Over Flog...something

I went To see Namer and He gave me a Picture.
Believe it or not, this little guy is an underwater slug.
Anyway, what happened we brought Namer some gifts to thank him for this picture.
(Yes he gave us the picture after we fought with Ben 10 and a penguin came and ate him up before we could defeat him)
So, some of the gifts we brought him were Cheese and all of that stuff.
He really liked the cheese.
Today's story though is this.
Under Water Slugs take over Flogmathiasogathigerta
Under Water slugs came in the thousands and rebelled at why they were bottom feeders. So, something really weird happened, the fish actually came and agreed that the Slugs could be the top feeders....
The Slugs had a hard time staying up there and didn't find any food so they returned to being Bottom Feeders.
The Slugs were mad though, So, they took over the octopus territory known as
Flogmathiasogathigerta. The Squids got mad and kinda ate the Slugs Candy so, now they are in War for Flogmathiasogathigerta.. So, Namer kinda blew up a bit of the Slugs so the Slugs kinda ate his Candy. I don't know why people are so obsessed with Candy! We also met a Slug named Hatia He had a cute hat. Looked kinda like the picture. "I plan to get a picture of Wolverine's Abs and use it to force the Octopus's to give over their territory," Then after a blast of light and sound. Hatia was gone. We personally think that the Slugs will win with their secret weapon... This Just In Neko and Teko reporting from Flogmath.. Flogmathia.... Flogsgta... Whatever...

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