Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iron Man Steals Michael Jackson's Cheese!

Neko and Teko reporting!
We saw Iron man swipe in and steal Michael Jackson's prized Cheese!
What?!?!? Was a question many people were asking so we decided to find out!
First, we blackmailed Iron Man into telling us why he stole Michael Jackson's Cheese!
(We knew his secret Identity)
He said Ben 10 told him. We asked him how he knew Ben 10.
"I looked into a fridge and I saw his alien action evolving. He looked like old lettuce to be exact." Then he said, "that Ben 10 told him to steal Michael Jackson's Cheese or else
Santa would turn into a fork and stab Wolverine's abs, and then Hannah Mountana and she would eat up his Iron Man suit." Okay.
Oh ya, we also found out that Iron Man drank 30 cases of Beer that night. "I also married Dora in my sleep then she ate my CHEESE." He complained.
This just in Neko and Teko
Never give Iron Man beer. (Or cheese favored beer.)
Before we left, Iron man said one more thing.
"Wolverine looks like The Easter Bunny."

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  1. lol this is funny-graypawdeputy


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