Saturday, May 29, 2010


"We base our Self value on certain things and feel like we're no good when we don't those things."

Sometimes we base our Self-Value on certain things. Friends and Family sometimes can convince us what is "Important" and the better we are if we are or/and have that thing.
Some people place their self-value on how much money they have. Or if they have a lot of "Toys" (Cars, Tvs, Computers etc.) Sometimes someone will think they are better if they have more of the oppisite sex chasing after them. Some people think they are more important and better if they have certain things. If a friend bases their self value on certain things, you might too.

But, just think about it for a second.... Why is this important?

And we think if we don't have these things, we aren't good enough...
But, if we shouldn't base our self-value on these things and what we're worth on those things? What should we base it on?

Well, I think you should just try to do your best and life. And live it to the fullest, you shouldn't have to judge yourself if you don't have certain things, So your self value should really just be accepting yourself and for who YOU are. Not what YOU have.

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