Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Internet Security At Schools

The Teachers and principals act confident of their internet security, so confident they don't bother to check it. Well there is 500 students, who wants to sit at a desk all day and check all the website history. Besides: All the Bad Sites are blocked! You tube, Face book, You know it! Meanwhile we have students in Room 203 gathered around the small monitor watching a funny youtube video. Think again Teachers, your security may be easily bypassed. Kids these days know how to get around it!
The Worst One:
Net Proxy,
Lots of school networks have this "Security," this is the easiest to get passed. The Kids just have to type in a few words in google and BAM!
For some networks that block Youtube: Most students go to google type the name of the video and click "Videos." Which allows them to view the video without actually going to youtube.
Since certain URLS are blocked:
For Example; A Student might type in or so on and so on.

So you may want to rethink your security blocks...

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