Saturday, May 22, 2010

London 2012 Mascots: Really Worth The Money?

Above is a picture of London's 2012 Olympic mascots, The One-Eyed Creatures, have already had commentary by many people.
Some say they have an odd shape, and the video of them chasing after children doesn't help with their image,
It took 40 people and 70 million pounds to make these mascots, It also looks like it was made by second graders, Which It was, kind of. The makers took drawings from second graders and put them together,
"the mascots have one eye (it's a camera lens to see the world) and yellow lights on tops of their heads (an homage to London taxicabs)," Yahoo
They have no race, gender, or feet, Its supposed to be some kind of "Aimed at everyone!" thing, not that everyone can relate to a One-Eyed Creature, that has a camera lens for eyes, likes chasing after children, and one has a weird blue patch....

On some articles, some people were commenting on the "Blue Patch" the monster has. And others were saying "Oh ya! We are so going to buy our kids some clothes with these monsters on them!"
In My opinion, these mascots were a waste of money. Look at the 70 million pounds that they are throwing out!



  2. THE MARTIANS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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