Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Does The Popular Norton Really Work?

You are walking down the computer software department of a store. You spot a program labeled: Norton. Its says it protects against viruses. You've probably heard of it before. You buy it and are confident that your computer is protected. That Norton will elimate every virus. WRONG!
Norton is not designed to destroy viruses. Its designed to warn you of viruses. While you think they are gone. They aren't.
When the screen says "Virus Blocked" Its not really blocked, and it doesn't warn you of all the viruses.
Now Imagine an ocean, now imagine a scanner. The Ocean is 40 feet deep, the scanner only scans 2 feet down. So only the viruses near the top are picked up and not the deadly spyware nesting near the bottom.
Here is what people say of Norton:

Norton is utter junk you even have to remove norton like a virus. Instead of clicking uninstall and clicking a button you have to do that plus install a norton removeal tool then use that tool to really uninstall it then uninstall that tool.

Norton is useless, such a resource hog.

Above are from a Computer "Geek" forum,
Computer Users suggest:
AVG~Picks up surface Viruses
SpyBot~Picks up spyware

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