Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is There Too Much Fuss Over Love?

Its Everywhere! Songs, Books, Movies, It all seems to be about Love. Is it made too much of a deal?
If we change the wording a bit, it would be: Is Love really this important?
Or Why do they make a big deal about it?

As Human Beings we long to be accepted, the media uses this as a marketing advantage. They can make you dress a certain way so you think you'll find love that way. (One strategy is showing a model in those clothes with lots of the opposite
sex around her) and so on.
But Is it made too much of a deal?

Some say:
Love is important

Some say:
No one cares about money, the world, only love! We should focus on other topics!

Do you think Love is a too big of a deal?

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