Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Security Engine

My Security Engine is a nasty bugger.
Its a "Anti-Virus" program that puts fake viruses on your computer. I had the unlucky encounter of this nasty virus.
You can't delete it, When you delete the shortcut it pops back up again, along with "WARNINGS!" Along with putting the fake viruses on, it also shuts down your other anti-virus programs, and when you try to remove its fake viruses, it puts more on. If this keeps going, the virus files will jam up your hard drive causing all your other info to be deleted.

Its also Fraud: It wants you to pay $50 to remove these fake viruses, it has put on itself.

But never fear! There is a way to delete this nasty Virus!
The program is called Malewarebytes, When I had this virus, this program cleared it all up!
So, you may want to download Mal ware Bytes if you have security Engine, or to prevent it! (Click on Free Download)

My Security Engine: The Anti-Virus Program that puts Viruses On Your Computer!~

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