Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turn The Page Tuesday

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld. The First of a two book series. (The Second is called The Last Days)

Vampires, Its not a legend. Its not dying, its not becoming immortal.
Its a disease. Simple as that. A sickness. In this world. You don't become some God. You become a cold blooded killer. The Disease is like a human version of Rabies. But with eating people.

Cal was a normal college kid. Until he meet Morgan. Morgan gave him the disease. Now his job to find all those he's infected.
Wait...Cal should be a cold blooded killer? No. Truth is hes a carrier. A Vampire unchanged by the disease. But, No one calls Vampires, Vampires, They call them Peeps. Or short for Parasite Positive!

But as Cal uncovers some mysteries. Is the Disease Good? Is there two types? Is it there for a reason?

This book deserves a 4 out of 5 stars. Some parts lagged and didn't contain action.
I like how in each EVEN chapter there was some information about a parasite!
It was a good book!
If you need a read. Pick it up!
*At your local library~!*

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