Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lip Chap: Drys your lips!

When you use lip chap. Why do you use it? Most people use it to moisturize their lips. But, Some Lip chaps have a super special Make $ Plan used.
They make it so that your lips are soft and wet for a little while, but the add a secret ingredient that, in the long run makes your lips dryer. Why? So you buy more Lip chap! But what is this "Secret Ingredient." And More importantly...Is there a brand that actually works?

The Secret Ingredient:
All lip chaps that have this ingredient are the ones that will make your lips dryer. So make sure to avoid lip chaps with this on the ingredient list.
Petroleum. Which is also an ingredient in making gas that runs your car.
So basically your putting gas on your lips.

One personal favourite is Burt's Bees. Its made with all NATURAL Ingredients. And doesn't have Petroleum in it! Other Natural Lip chaps work too!
Remember: Petroleum is the stuff from PetroStation!

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