Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Secret To Beauty Is Pain

They Say the Secret to Beauty Is Pain. Which it is.
Imagine: Your lying in a chair or on a bed getting plastic surgery or lazer hair removal.
It seems that we go through all sorts of pain to get what the society calls "Beauty" But Why do we go through all this pain?
The answer is simple one word:
Us as Humans, its our need to be accepted. And in this world. The Media tells us we need to look and be a certain way to be accepted.

We go through the pain because we believe the reward is great and its worth it. Some of you might be thinking. "But Celebrities play a big role too?" Yes its true.
But Why do we follow celebs in the "Beauty"
Because They are famous and we believe being like them will make us liked and famous. Also because Celebrites are accepted by everyone, we believe that if we are like them we will be accepted too.

But Remember the media may tell us Outer Beauty is important.
Inner Beauty is more important!

NO matter what the Media says. The Truth of The Inner Beauty is always real.

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