Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ninjas: Fact Or Fiction

Ninjas Are Everywhere! They have taken over the screens of TVs, games, and stories.
Fact Or Fiction? Both:
But, What were Ninjas? History shows that ninjas didn't go around Saving people..They had a more dark past.

No one knows for sure if they dressed in those Ninja Outfits. Seeing that I don't think there was a ninja store around!
There is one thing that is true. They were secretive. Spies for the Japanese army. The Whole Ninja assassin thing. Should just be Ninjas.
Well, they were sent to assassinate people using Martial Arts. I don't think that included the whole Elemental Powers featured in Naruto! There is said to be "Ninjas" today. Training in Martial Arts. Some people believe that if you have a black belt in 15 martial arts, than you can become a ninjas. (Today Ninjas are called Urban Ninjas)

The Old Ninjas: their past creeps in the shadows Of Japans Past. We may never be sure of the true past and ways of the ninjas. It may always be a mystery.

They do make killers mangas though!

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