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Have you ever wondered what the most popular Superheros are? Well...Here is the answer.

1. Super man

Copyright DC ComicsCopyright DC Comics
Superman is comic book history. Without Superman, the first big comic book superhero, we might not have had Spider-Man, Batman, and the others. Due to the success of Superman, other comics companies pushed making superheroes and to that, Superman is owed a huge debt. Decades later, Superman is still going strong, with a movie in the works, multiple titles to choose from, and a hit TV show. The Man of Steel is certainly on top in terms of historical importance, abilities, and current popularity.

2. Spider Man

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What Spider-Man lacked in ability, he made up in heart. The wall-crawler is one of the first of many true to life superheroes and because of this, Spider-Man has become loved and adored by fans the world over. Spider-Man is Marvel comic’s number one superhero, with legions of fans, blockbuster films, and many hot comics to read.
3. Batman

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There is something about the dark brooding sense of Batman that intrigues people. Or maybe its Batman’s alter-ego, millionaire Bruce Wayne, that people wish they had more in common with. Maybe the reason so many people identify with him is that Batman has no truly supernatural powers. Any one of us could be Batman Whatever the case, Batman has struck a chord with fans around the world. The Dark Knight is hugely popular with a multiple hit movies and many different comic titles to choose from.

4. Wolverine
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Next to Spider-Man, Wolverine is certainly one of Marvel comic’s most popular superheroes. He was pretty much the focus of the X-Men movies and helped make a star out of Hugh Jackman. Wolverine has quickly risen to the top of the X-Men as the fans most favorite character and considering how many characters there are to choose from, that’s no small task. He can be seen in his own comic as well as The X-Men comics and The New Avengers.

5. The Hulk
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Many people can relate to unleashing their rage. The Hulk has been a large part of Marvel’s rise to stardom and fans all over have enjoyed the intense action and emotion that The Hulk exudes. One reason fans resonate so well with The Hulk is that we all get angry and so many of us can relate to wanting to release the rage within us, something The Hulk is all to well known for. A hit movie and another on the way, video games, his own comic, cartoons, and toys make The Hulk truly a heavy hitter.

6. Wonder Women
The World’s most well-known female superhero has been through many different incarnations throughout history. She had a popular TV show, has her own comic book, and has a spot on the Justice League of America. Wonder Woman is a character that girls and women can look up to and be proud of. All told, Wonder Woman is one of comic books greats.

7. Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern is a huge cornerstone of the DC universe. Green Lantern has had a huge resurgance as of late. The relaunch of the series, the re-establishing of the Corps, and the return of Hal Jordan has made Green Lantern shoot up onto the list of top superheroes. Who could ask for more? With a movie in the works, a spot on the Justice League, and multiple comics make Green Lantern a hot item.

8. Captain America

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The symbol of America has long touched the hearts and minds of free people everywhere. Captain America stands for all that America should be; noble, strong, hard-working, just, and honest. With these qualities, Captain America easily makes it on the list as one of the top comic book characters.

9. Spawn

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Todd McFarlane’s creation has become the most popular independent comic book character. A movie, cartoons, comics, and toys have made Spawn one of the hottest commodities in a while. Although his popularity may have waned in recent years, the accomplishments of this character are hard to ignore. The success of Spawn has paved the way for other independent comics, showing you don’t have to be part of DC or Marvel to make it big.
10. Punisher
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The Punisher is one of the first “anti-heroes”, or a hero that doesn’t always act as nice as we would like. The Punisher started the ball rolling for the darker side of comics, and when comics like The Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns made the genre even more popular, the Punisher fit right in. Thanks to the Punisher, comics have been able to explore their darker side. Whether that is good or not is up to you.

Who's your favourite super hero? Mine Personally is Wolverine and X-23. X-23 isn't really heard of. But if your interested...

If I had to choose...X-23 would win me over, What I like is it shows that not every hero is always a hero, Sometimes they don't know what is right and wrong. Not all are born with powers some are given going through torture. It tells you not all superheros grew up like Superman. Some were once assassins or had a hard past. In the series, Mutants are "outcasts" hated by the people they save.
To learn more about X-23. Go to

Who's your favourite and why?

Just For Fun:
New "Hero" Movies coming out.
X-men Org ins wolverine 2
Iron Man 2
Captain America (Played by Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm)
These are all "Actor" movies and not the animated cartoon ones.

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