Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here, There, Vampire Everywhere

You may have noticed that in the last couple of months, that there is a new craze. You can tell by the movies, books, shirts, shows. The New craze is Vampires.
Vampires went from Scary Blood Sucking creatures lurking in the night: To super powered, attractive, teen vampires. You may notice that in the shows and movies, The Vampires are always the "Boyfriend" of a girl, none of them are fat, ugly, or scary for that matter.

The Craze all started with Twilight. Twilight leaded to many other vampire books and shows.

Apparently the Vampire Craze started long ago. But it really took off with Twilight. When the whole "Sexy" Vampire came in.
10 year old girls were running around looking for "Vampire Boyfriends"
But, with all the books it seems the story is always the same:

1. Girl finds out Boy friend is vampire and has powers
2. They fall in love Vampire loves girl more than anything
3. Girl becomes vampire and they live happily ever after immortal.

Its here, There vampires everywhere.
Here is what some people say about the Vampire Craze:

While I was sitting in the park today with a friend of mine talking about our views on dating and somehow our conversation got on the new Twilight/Vampire craze that's been going on.

She said that a lot of teenagers have become obsessed with the books. Over time this has translated to their dating lives, causing them to have fetishes about vampires. This has caused some teens to start biting each other on the neck during make-out sessions, drawing blood. Once the parents see the marks they have taken their teens to the emergency room or doctors office and the teens have had to receive vaccinations in response to the marks.
~Unicorn211_zbt Yahoo answers user.

Meh. I blame society for sanitizing all the old stories. In an effort to make the world a "better" place by striping the fairy tale monsters of all their murderous aspect we have simply created a world of false safety. In the original Red Riding Hood there is no woodsman. She dies. End of story. Mermaids were murderous cannibals who enslaved the souls of drowned sailors. And of course, vampires have gone from being creatures that lurked around the battlefield and indulged in the gore and viscera (like the Keres of ancient Greece) to poor misunderstood tortured souls that simply want to please and protect a teenage girl. Kind of inevitable for such creatures to be put on pedestals.
~Michelle D yahoo answers user.

Do you think the craze will end? Do you have any stories? What do you think of the craze?

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