Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Guardian Part 2

Trying to Remember the words of the story, I picked up one important point. The Soldiers come to make more evil. So, I guess I just had to wait til Beth came. But, Powers? You would have thought I would have known I had powers? I looked down at my hand. A weird Symbol was on it. I had never seen it before. Was it a Guardian sign?
It was a swirl with some weird marks in the middle of it. It was kinda like a spiderweb but the pattern was all different. I didn't get it. Me=Guardian Beth=Bad guy. Okay, Simple Enough. So what do I do? Blast "Power" at Beth and watch her turn good again? I don't think it was that simple.....Or was it? My Thoughts stopped as I saw a black figure creep along a wall. A shadow of someone. I turned around quickly. My Jaw dropped open as I saw Beth. Okay, Not Beth, Evil Goth Looking Beth.
She has black wings and a black dress. She looked evil. (well Duh? She is evil) Like one of those bad guys from the anime shows you see. "Well, Well, Look what we have here?" Beth Towered over me. For sure the "eviling Process" had made my younger sister much taller. Probably to make her look bigger than me. "So, You turned goth I'm so scared. What else can you do?" I toyed. It was something I saw into a movie before. Get the enemy to revel their powers and weaknesses! Beth usually liked to brag. Hopefully this trait came into her evil side. "Well, I can fly of course." She spread her black wings casting a shadow over the room. "What else vampire powers?" I joked (which was a wrong this to do) "Actually I am apart of the dark vampiric angel group. You see we have different groups for different doings. Vampires, Dark angels, Dark angel vampires. Which is me. Now I'm going to kill you." She showed her fangs. Walking towards me. "Your going to kill me? I thought you were going to you know." I stuttered. "Oh, the good side of us is killed. So I am never coming back." Beth eyed my neck. Randomly I heard a voice. "Beth, It's not halloween!" My Brother called out. Never before in my life had I been so happy to see Ben my annoying brother. "Uh, Ben, Beth was kinda taken by the Plogs." I tried to sound calm. "Ok." He said. "So, Now a guardian is going to come save us." He then jumped up and down. "I am guardian!" He pretended to shot rays at Beth, Beth laughed. She pinned Ben to the wall with a force. (Kinda like in Starwars) "Leave him alone!" I yelled! I was angry. Even though sometimes I hated my brother. He was still my brother. My angry somehow must have triggered my powers. All of a sudden a beam of light came from my hand. Beth screamed. One thing I remember. Vampires hate light. Beth um, Dissolved. It was a weird sight. Grandma randomly appeared. "Good Job Lisa!" She commented. "Grandma YOUR OKAY!" I exclaimed. "Of course. You destroyed The Vampire Angel." She said. "You mean Beth." I said sadly. "What are my parents going to say when I say I killed her." I asked. "Oh, she's not dead," Beth appeared behind my grandma. "You see she was evil but when dosed with light her evil side died." Grandma Exclaimed. The Clock Stroke Midnight.
Merry Christmas.
"SO, I'm a guardian?" I asked. Grandma laughed. "You should know that by now."

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