Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Activities

Depending on where you live, the snow has arrived! Many people dislike the snow because of shoveling, driving hazards, and car cleaning hassels. However, why not make the most of this winter season by making use of the snow? Here are some outdoor winter activities that you may enjoy:

Skiing; Places like Blue Mountain in Ontario have great programs for begining and advanced child and adult skiiers.Where to go: If you choose to try Cross Country, many public golf courses and parks around the city have trails you can ski for free. See a listing of local Cross-Country Ski areas.For both the social and competitive aspects of skiing and snowboarding, check out the ski clubs. The major local ski areas have many spectator events and competitions over the winter. Contact the hills for information.
Scarborough Cross Country Ski Club 416-438-1536
Kawartha Nordic Ski Club, Peterborough 705-749-5605 Cross Country Ski Trails:
Kawartha Nordic 705-749-5605 (45 km over several trails) about 40 km north of Peterborough on Highway 28, just north of Woodview
Sibbald Point Prov. Park 905-722-8061 (8 km) on the south shore of Lake Simcoe 2 km north of Highway 48 on County Road 18.
Pleasure Valley 4.2 km - X-C trails closed... poor maintenance due to lack of snow base
Dagmar Resort 905-649-2002 (22 km) 24 km north of Ajax at 1220 Lakeridge Road
Heber Down Cons. Area 905-579-0411 (10 km) From Highway 401 take Highway 12 (Oshawa) 5 km north to Taunton Road West, then north on the access road.
Long Sault Cons. Area 905-579-0411 (17 km) Highway 401 to Bowmanville, then Regional Road 57 north to Regional Road 20 West and go 3 km east on Woodley
Trillium Trails (24 km) Highway 401 in Oshawa take Simcoe St 16 km north to Raglan
Ken Reid Cons. Area, Lindsay 705-328-2271 (8 km) 5 km north of Lindsay on Highway 35 to Kenerei Park Rd then follow signs.
Ganaraska Forest Centre 905-797-2721 (28 km) north from Bowmanville to Kirby, East on Regional Road 9 for 10 km, left (north) on Cold Springs Camp Road for 4 km.
Warsaw Caves Cons. Area 705-652-3161 (13 km) a few km north of Warsaw on County Rd 4 (Warsaw Rd), then right on Caves Rd.

Snow Boarding: See websites on the internet about snow boarding. It's great!

Skating: You can build an ice rink at your house or go to a local arena. Make sure your skates are the right size, otherwise you may injure your ankles.

Hockey: Skating around with a stick playing with a puck. You can play this at your local arena or on a frozen pond with friends and family.

Tubing: Snow tubing is loads of fun! You are pulled up in your tube on something sort of like a ski lift and then you slide down a huge slope. Sometimes, you are going so fast, that you can't see a thing around you. You can slide to speeds of up to 75miles an hour! Tubing in Ontario can be done at Snow Valley, Horseshoe Valley, and many other places.

So, what do you do in the winter to bide your time? Leave it as a comment!

This is Neko and Teko, reporting a white Christmas.

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