Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top Christmas Gifts

Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2009

The Must Have Trendy Hard to Get Toy of Christmas 2009

The Zhu Zhu Pet Hampster is the Trendy Christmas gift that kids must have this year.

What makes a toy the hottest gift of the holiday season? The combination of broad appeal, high demand and short supply. What's the trendy Christmas gift this year? Prepare yourself for the hottest toy since Cabbage Patch KIds! If the hamster hype holds the Zhu Zhu Pet Hampster is likely to become the hottest hard to find Christmas gift of 2009. Hamsters and accessories are selling like hotcakes and they can't keep up with the demand. This is just the beginning for this trendy gift too, Plans are to release 50 new hamster characters in 2010, so it will probably be the hottest gift next year too. These things are cute, fun, they're the newest toy craze, they are going quick, and prices are climbing. Some stores have now imposed a limit of 1 per customer!

First Place: The Demand for these is soo HIGH! To Let you know the Toy Information is from

Top Video Game Christmas Gift Ideas for The 2009 Holiday Season

Video consoles & games are once again some of The Top Christmas Gifts

You have the power to make the video game player on your list very merry this holiday season with a cool new video game or console. Here are some of the most wished for video game gifts and video game consoles this Christmas.

The Top Christmas Gift 2009 - The Nintendo Wii has turned the video game market on end, by introducing a new physically interactive experience that everyone can enjoy. This may be a gift for your kid, but you'll quickly find that it's something the whole family will enjoy including mom and dad. Folks that were never into video gaming are now big Wii fans. They're bowling, playing tennis and more without the need to figure out all those different buttons. From kids, to folks in care facilities, everybody's getting into Wii. For the more serious gamer there's the NEW Xbox360 512mb and a new slimmer PlayStaton 3.

See, The Most Popular Gifts are Electronic! I bet in the Future everything will be Electronic! It's Sad, Most Kids don't have any imagination, all they are asking for is VIDEO GAMES! COMPUTERS! TVS! ZHU ZHU PETS!

Here's a Challenge: Next time you pick up a Video Game Controller read a book instead.

The Problem is Clear: Kids aren't Reading enough anymore. There's a simple answer. THEY CAN"T FIND ANY GOOD BOOKS! Plus schools make you read books for studies that are well.....Boring. So that creates a Stereotype of books.

Some Good Books You might enjoy are the Warriors Series: It's really good! Well, Of Course it is, Look at the Millions of fans around the world!


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