Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Guardian Part 1

"Gather Around, The Tree." Grandma encouraged. We all knew what this meant. A Story. Grandma wasn't actually our real Grandma though. She was an old lady who lived across the street. But she was like a Grandma to us. She told Wonderful Stories. Not the type like once a pon a time. They were amazing. Just the way she told them you couldn't tell if they were true or not! As we gathered around the lighted tree. I pondered the thought of why she always turned the tree on and the room dark, Did it have something to do with the Story? Or maybe it affected it in some way. It was a silly thought. I pushed it to the back of my mind and opened my ears.
Grandma sat in a chair in front of the tree. We Listened carefully as she started.

"You know why the tree is lite?"She started, "The Lights are to stop the Plogs from coming into our world." We couldn't help it to let out a chuckle! "PLOGS? What are they pigs?" My Rude Sister Beth let out.

"Oh, Plogs are not pigs, they are way worse, Winter is darker, around Christmas when the longest night comes the light is thin so they try to get into our world. The Lighten Tree, Helps to protect us." Grandma read our faces. "What do PLOGS do? They capture those full of energy and bring them back to their world, They them turn them into their soldiers." My Brother interrupted. "Soldiers?" He asked. Grandma continued. "Well, these people have secret powers in them that they don't know about, The Plogs realise those powers and change them into darkness, Basically, they turn them evil and they get powers. These people are usually children. Special Children. Some Adults too, But Mostly Children. What do they do with these Children. They use them to make others. So, the Soldiers go around making others evil. But, there are also guardians. They have powers too. The Children are Guardians before they become evil, Rarely do they know it though. There are also Chais, They are a bit higher than guardians."
Beth spoke again. "What kind of powers?" Grandma looked at us. "Any really. Physic, Fire, Water you name it! Chais power's are pure light." Grandma got up, "That's all tonight."
My other Brother Ben asked,
"When is the Darkness most Powerful?" Grandma looked at him.
"Christmas Eve." I gasped! That was tonight! "Time for Bed!" My Mom called out.
We all crept up the stairs!
My Mom bent over turning the tree light off.
I was awoken by a noise. Coming from my Sister's room. I ran out of bed to get to her room.
I gasped as a I saw her being taken away by a Dark Shadow. A PLOG! I thought. As soon as I though it It turned to look at me. It's Red eyes drilling through my skull. GO AWAY! I thought. It hissed. "NO!" I cried as it flew right through the wall carrying Beth with it!
"The Story was true." I said to myself. Beth was now going to become one of them. My Mom wasn't going to believe me!
"Ya, Mom Beth was taken by a Plog?" I could imagine it! " knew someone who would believe me. Grandma. She lived right across the street. I put my boots on and walked over. I knocked on the door. I tried opening it. The Door was unlocked. "Grandma?" I called out. I walked into the house. There was some overturned chairs, and a note on the ground.
"Mal, You are the guardian." Mal was my nickname, that Grandma called me. My real name was Lisa.

The words repeated in my head. Grandma must have been taken to! I couldn't help but recall all the other stories Grandma told us. Were they all true? Where were Beth and Grandma? How am I supposed to be a Guardian?

Part Two Coming Soon!


  1. good story,but make it more exciting so we can picture it in our mind


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