Wednesday, December 30, 2009


2012 or so called DOOMSDAY! It's not going to happen. Why? Well first of all there have been around 100 "doomsday." It was 2000. 1999. 1990. 2002, 2001 but it keeps changing. The reason 2000 was supposed to be doomsday was because of the new Century and the computers that operated water and electrify were not programed to operate in 2000. But what happened. NO DOOMSDAY! If the leaders believed in doomsday so much. Why would all these important events be scheduled? (Wikipedia)

It is said that doomsday will happen because the Mayan calender ended in 2012. Well, Maybe they had something other to do? Maybe they didn't feel like writing calenders all day. No one knows when Doomsday is going to be. No one except God so 2012 is the year of the Olympics and supercomputers and great accomplishments! For some more interesting things about 2012 visit more logical thing is maybe some things will happen in 2012 there is a prediction that the internet will shut down. Maybe it might be that some TV shows will end? For some people that the world ending!

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