Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poem Contest Results

What an exciting time! All the poems submitted for our Poem Contest were amazing and good job to you all. But, we must pick a winner. And the winner of Neko and Teko's Poem Contest is.........

Well, there were actually two winners! The decision was so tough. But today We'll show you the 2nd place winner. Here is their poem:

Christmas is a great place to be

Come and see.

Presents, Santa and reindeer

This holiday comes once a year.

CUT CUT goes your tree.

Hot coco by the fire,

CLUNK CLUNK goes your boots.

Santa and his reindeer are up on your roof!

RIP RIP goes your presents,happy faces on each kid

I don't want Christmas to end,

because I would have to wait till next year!

~By Snowball, age 9

This poem is so awesome because Snowball used so many scences (sight, taste, sound) to bring the audience into the right mood for this poem.

Koodos to you, Snowball!

Snowball wins the right to write 1 article for Neko and Teko's Adventure Network. (This right expires January 10th, 2010)

Look for coming articles that will announce our GRAND PRIZE winners.

This is Neko and Teko, reporting from being really busy.

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