Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tootsville: Let's Make Some Noise

Tootsville - Lets Make Some Noise | Play Tootastic Games | Explore Tootally Cool Worlds | Make New Friends | Even Create Your Own Tooterific House
Okay, You've probably played those games like Club Penguin! They are fun when you start out. But, Seriously they get boring If you are not a member. That's Where Tootsville Comes in. It's like Club penguin>you can chat, play games etc. BUT, there's this guy named Jack or Snowcone that asks questions to get a free membership! That's How I got mine! When you create an account on tootsville you follow basic steps: Including what you want your Toot to look like You Choose from Eight Designs> Zap, Moo, Cupid , LilMC, Flora, Sparkle, Superstar and Dottie. The Site will seem a bit babyish... But, It's actually really fun. One Thing Tootsville Has that Club Penguin doesn't have is a virtual Passport. Yes, Your Toot (Character on Tootsville) Has a passport which you can use to travel to different areas and Times. Some of these Places are impossible to get too! Like The Moon. Dino Land! Toot Atlantis, While some are more Realistic, Like the Beach, Arcade and Even Mall! Or maybe you want to have a backstage pass? Go to Toots Idol~! Tootsville Also Has Awesome Contests! Not Kidding: I even won a laptop from Tootsville! A LAPTOP~ So, Hurry over and make an account! Be sure to look out for me~Hedge99~ Also tonight Tuesday November 24, There is a search for a compass at 7ET Tonight~ The First Team to find it will have all it's members reacive a toots plush! I love those Toots plushes> I own Three (Won them again) But, with great Fun; Sometimes some people want to take it away>Like Shade the evil Purple thing that trys to take Peanuts(Or Money on Tootsville) You Also must look out for wishing wells When you make good wishes you get peanuts~
So, Hold your Trunks High and MAKE SOME NOISE~!

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