Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halo: Inside Look

You see this guy everywhere, This dude must be tired, Does he even sleep? Jumping all over the place? Give the guy a break. What's his name anyway? Who is he behind the mask? Here is the Inside Look of Halo,
"Sorry, Dude your fashion sucks."
The Halo dude will says who he is later....
"I am tired of having to wear this huge Armour seriously I get sweaty you know no one bothers to make deodorant for us guys, In the video game world!"
"How much do you make."
"Not Enough." Halo dude says.
"Do you get sleep."
"No!" He says
"Some kids walk up at 12:00am to boss me around!" He continues
"GIVE ME A BREAK!" HALo Dude yells
Then a shocking face is relieved. Halo dude is
AKON! How is that Possible? Then the Halo dude, got some much ling! Ling is not bling, It's um, Man Perfume, It smells like sweat.
"People are attracted to me because I smell like Sweaty Plastic!" Halo Dude starts showing off his um, Plastic Muscles?
This is Neko and Teko
GIVE HALO GUY A BREAK, He's gone insane.
Everyone knows the Lego games are way better than Halo!

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