Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gaming Breaks It Down

What Do Online Games Do To You Computer? Okay, We are not talking about Cp or Tootsville. But those Sites that have advertisements like Mini Clip and other Games. Let's Face it , Okay these sites can give your computers virus. Not the actual site. But the advertisements. Plus, sometimes you can upload your own games on these sites and BINGO! Those kids or Creepy adults but spy ware on it. Now, some of you are probably wondering: MY COMPUTER IS PROTECTED!
Spy Ware is a virus but is usually not detected by Norton and All those security programs. To detect it you need to scan every single file on your computer. A Pain Right?
How I know about these sites:
My Dad is an expert on computers: He goes Fixing everyone's crashed computers, They are usually crashed because of Facebook, Msn, or these online games
Also it can make your internet slower. If you have wireless and have two people on the internet at a time, One of these people is playing a game on one of these sites, the internet connection will be slower.

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