Monday, November 23, 2009

Harry Potter

Today I, Teko, have a P.D. Day!( No School). So, I'm going to write a review on each of the movies in the current poll. Now, since there was already one done on Twighlight, I'll start with Harry Potter.
Harry Potter started out in books by J.K. Rowling. Now it has been turned into movies. This is a clip from the first one, The Philosopher's Stone, credit to Youtube.

The Harry Potter movies are really good, but in my opinion, the books are way better. The basic summary for #1 is that Harry finds out he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts: School of Wizardry. He makes friends along the way. He finds out how his parents really died and faces the evil wizard, Voldemort.
In the movie, Daniel Radcliffe plays the part of Harry; Emma Watson plays Hermione, Rupert Grint plays Ron. In that movie Ron's sister Ginny is barely shown, but in other movies she is one of the main characters. Bonnie right plays her.
My favourite character is probably Remus Lupin, the werwolf from number 3, or Hermione Granger in the latter movies. My favourite movie is probably #1 or #5.


  1. I don`t like Harry Potter, Because It`s Taking WitchCraft which is bad and making it seem like a good thing!

  2. It doesn't mean that you have to believe in it! If you believed in it, well, that would be sorta stupid.

  3. But, As Teko Said "Life" The Game is a bad inflence Wouldn't Harry Potter be one too? Plus IT was written by a crimmanl. JK Rowling stole it from someone else!

  4. it wasnt stolen teko and it is just as bad as twilite

  5. and she was a single mother tying to sorport her family


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