Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Set On Skittles

Here are some Clues on what this article is about:
You Can taste the "rainbow" If you still don't have it figured out: It's Skittles.
Most people who love Skittles are usually Candy Lovers: It doesn't take a rocket Scientist to figure that out.
We Found a blog that has some Info on Skittles:


imageSkittles are insanely tasty little morsels. Rather like little bits of Starburst covered in a candy shell. Skittles were first introduced in 1974 in the UK and parts of Europe. They spread to the States as an import for a while and then in 1981 Mars began making them in the States.

Obsessive folks (perhaps I’m one of them and speaking from experience) like to divide up the colors and eat them. I usually eat mine in pairs of same flavors, but when it comes down to the end of the pack, there are certain acceptable combos (all the citruses can be paired and grape and strawberry can go together ... strawberry and lemon are also acceptable but never ever put orange and grape together).

Original Fruit Skittles

  • Lime (Green) - classic lime, leaning more towards the tart side than the floor-wax side of things.
  • Grape (Purple) - a pretty well rounded fake grape flavor
  • Lemon (Yellow) - good and sour with some hints of zest
  • Orange (Orange) - juicy and flavorful
  • Strawberry (Red) - one of the few red candies I like, it smells like cotton candy and has a tangy, creamy berry taste
  • What to learn more about SKittles? Visit

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