Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Cash

Today we are going to report about Christmas Cash. How much do parents spend on their kids at Christmas? And Also the Hottest Toys this Season! According to the Internet on Yahoo Answers. Most Parents spend around 300-500 dollars per Kid! WOW!

Hard to Believe but the Hottest TOy this Season is the Zhu Zhu Pet. They are plush hamsters that run around and you buy tubes and wheels for them to run around in! They cost around $12 dollars for one hamster. What I don't get is why don't you just get a real hamster? They are kinda Cute though....
A biggie also this year is that Play Station 3~ IT's because of the lowered price. Be sure to leave comments! Nice ones Please :) Have a Merry Christmas! More Christmas Stuff to Come!

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