Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music Manipulates?

Do you notice more and more people having intercourse at a younger age? Do you notice men looking at women for er, Body parts?
Is this a result of music?

Can Music Manipulate you?

Most songs (Top hits) That people listen to talk about Sex and Women's Body Parts. For example: So songs talk about women "Shaking that thing" And stuff like that.
So, The music is sending a message to men. "Women are only good for body parts or they make the girl better." It's happening. Lots of men are actually looking at girls that way and dating the ones with the "Bigger parts"

Also music (most music) Talks about Sex. Nothing bad about it. Just how wonderful it is. Don't you think that will influence people (Teens in this case) To have it? That's happening too. More Teens aren't finishing high school because they want to be with the ones they "Love"
Some songs cover the messages up.
The Song Just Dance has lots of "Sex talk" In it. As much as Love game. Except the difference is that Just Dance is encoded.
Doing a search on the Song facts site. *A site that has a list of songs about a certain topic.

Songs About Sex

Found 205 Songs. (For all songs http://www.songfacts.com/category:songs_about_sex.php)

See there is over 200 modern "Top hit songs" about sex.
So Does Music Manipulate?

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