Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti EarthQuake

On Tuesday January 12, A earthquake hit the country of Haiti. Turning the Haiti Palace (above) To rubble.

"The 7.0 earthquake hit about 16 kilometres southwest of the densely populated capital Port-au-Prince in the late afternoon. Powerful aftershocks continued into the early hours of Wednesday morning, creating confusion on the ground and internationally as power and communication signals were knocked out across the country."~Globe and Mail

Red Cross Estimates that 3 million people have been affected by the earthquake. What Haiti Citizens and Leaders say is they need Money the most. Aid has been sent to Haiti to help them out in this Catastrophic event. USA has donated around 20 million dollars while Canada has donated 5 million and has sent some aid to help. Experts estimate that this has been haiti's worse earthquake to happen. Since it is rated on the "Danger/extreme" Level through 1 to 10. Haiti's event got a 7. Red Cross says. "Haiti will recover slowly though since many damage has been done."
Right as we speak tons of organizations including Red Cross has been donating and helping out haiti. Even Some Schools are having fundraisers for Haiti.

Many Damage has been done. But with Warm Hearts and organizations helping out. Haiti will make a recovery even if it's slow.

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  1. us actolly sent 100 mill to help and 0ver 11k solders.and it was 7.3


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