Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hamster Show

You've heard of dog shows and cat shows? But what about a hamster show? Well just for fun. We Neko and Teko are hosting our very first hamster show. We will not be awarding First Second and Third but write about the hamster and it's traits.
Hope you enjoy!
(We own the hamsters but the photos are not actually that certain hamster but one that looks close to it)
Teddy The Fluffy Teddy Bear hamster.
Traits: Lazy, Loves to sleep
James Bonds favorite pet. When this little guy gets out of bed he pulls James bond moves and is able to escape, Using his weight.
Patches, The Black Bear hamster
Traits: Sweet, Smart,
This little girl loves to give you kisses and sits in your hand. She is the youngest and sweetest of them all.

Abbey The daredevil
Traits: Adventorous Not afraid ever
This girl jumps off buildings and will face bigger foes for a single carrot.

HAMSTERS ARE AWESOME! Each has a different personality. All animals are unique just like us humans. Sometimes I think they are smarter than we are. They aren't the ones destroying their own homes.....

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