Friday, January 15, 2010

Advice That Is Anonymous

Now we will have a new feature on Neko and Teko's Adventure Network!
If you noticed the title. Yes we are going to have an advice colum. Need a problem that needs to be solved? Send your question in a comment or to
We then will answer your question in a post Anonymously! So send in your questions :)
Hey Neko and Teko, Or (Just Neko or just Teko)
I am having some problems with my BFF!
She's being mean to me....
You know questions like that? I Neko will probably be answering most of them since I have experience in this stuff since I've been to four schools so far. Or if you don't want to be shared to Say in your email SILENT PLEASE. That way we'll know!
So send em in ;)

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