Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Kanye West "Incident"

Doesn't Taylor looks so sad?
Notice the title? Why is there " quotations around Incident? Well, I know this is a bit late....
but this is about the Kanye West "Incident" And What really happened.

If you watched the VMA (MTV Video Awards) you may have noticed what Kanye West said to Taylor Swift.

This is the Quote: " Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!"
First of all, He's complimenting Beyonce. Nothing wrong with that? If you notice ONE of the best videos of all time! Maybe he was trying to say, That there's more than one best video?

Well, That's probably not what happened. There is a more logical exclamation for this.

Three words: It was planned.

Fact: Kanye West made more money after this incident. More Music was bought. People bought magazines covering the Story. (The Magazines were dieing to interview Kanye. Paying him lots of money...) More people visited his site. Watched his music videos. If you know the quote: There's no such thing as Bad publicity....Also usually every year an incident happens like this at the VMA. So, Maybe this was that incident?

The Bottom Line: kanye west made lots of $ From that quote. So did Taylor swift. They might have been in it together. Same with Taylor: lots of $ made! Yet again. Beyonce made $. First of all publcity, "She was so sweet to say those things to Taylor.." Some people say.
Could all three stars be in it together?
Taylor wouldn't have been hurt like that in real life.

In The real world.

Singers have to audition for Record deals. It takes tons of companies before they are accepted in. So they are USED to the idea of being rejected or having bad stuff said to them. I have had some experience in acting and been on a TV set. So, I know how it all works.
What do you think? Planned or Not Planned?

Planned is my vote! What's yours?

Fun Fact: More people in North America know about Celebrities than they do about History.
This is Neko. Signing off.
(Sorry, Don't want to sign Teko's name. Because this may not be Teko's opinon.)


  1. k. i think it was planned. no offense guys.


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