Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Friends are people who you trust in and will always be there for you. They don't be friends with you for your popularity. Or you don't dare dump your friends to become more popular, First of all usually Popular kids use you. Say you've been trying to get into one "it" group for several years. Your finally in. You think those people were eager to be friends with you? Or maybe they want to use you? They recall more people to the flock for some reasons:
Power, maybe you know someone or have parent who is in charge in a certain place? (School board, principal, teacher, etc.)
Opposite Gender, Ok maybe the boys or girls are chasing you and the Its are jealous because the boys or girls are chasing after them
Information, maybe you are close to someone they want to get dirt on.
Remember you should be able to tell if a Friend is a real friend.
Friends, I know from experience which groups are the good ones. I've never been popular. I've had the chance but I didn't take it. I would prefer to have Real friends than ones that just use you.

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