Saturday, May 2, 2009

BigFoot And Dogzilla

Neko and Teko reporting, We set off to try to get a picture of BigFoot.
After hours of hard work and patience , We heard a rustle in the bushes, A large creature stepped out. BIGFOOT! We quickly snapped some pictures, Many turned out to be blurs but got some good ones.
We tried to communicate with Bigfoot, but he quickly rode off on his Big Foot Mobile.
We also encountered a creature with golden fur and BIG Teeth, We named her DOGZILLA, and when we saw her eating her prey, we snapped some more pictures.
We captured DogZilla and kept her as a pet, she has given up her evil doings and has traded them in for a loving Home. We renamed her Daisy. We love her now. She has become our sidekick in capturing News!
This just in Neko and Teko reporting from The woods.


  1. Wow! I love your website, its sooooo cool! i love how you put all the fred videos! i love all your storys!
    And do you really have a dog named daisy! Or is it DOGZILLA!

  2. I did not like it I loved it!


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