Sunday, May 3, 2009

Orange Juice takes over Venus

Neko and Teko on the scene, Many people won't drink orange juice anymore.
We decided to find out why. We grabbed our cameras, and marched to A local lab to see what we could find out about this orange juice disaster.
"What do you know about this orange juice problem?" We asked.
"The scientists at NASA, decided to make orange juice that has double the nutrients and that you can drink it in outer Space."He replied. "We sent the orange juice to outer space with the astronauts, The orange juice went out of control and it actually made a settlement on Venus," He sadly remarked. "So, you mean the orange juice took over Venus?" We asked. He nodded his head. "Oh but don't worry, the orange juice here on Earth Is completely safe. We sent all of the Double orange juice up to Venus." He added.
This Just In
Neko and Teko while sipping a glass of cool, refreshing orange juice

1 comment:

  1. Wow nice news
    after that news im hiding in my house
    is there really a mad orange jucie on venus
    I saw your website when i was on chobots so i wanted to see it


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