Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yoda's Chest Hair

We were walking Daisy (Dogzilla) When we spotted a line up. We had our cameras in hand and headed over to see what the fuss was about. A boy with Glasses, held out his hand, "Five dollars please," He said, "For what?" Teko asked. "To see Yoda's Chest Hair." He replied.
We showed him our cameras. "We're Press." We said. "For what?" He asked.
"Neko and Teko's Adventure Network." He smiled. "OH, I'm a big fan. Go right in for free." We headed inside the little shed. There it was, We could smell an awful odor. There it was, so simply on a piece of yellow paper. A green stale hair sat on the page. In blunt writing it said. "Yoda's chest hair," It was old and green. You know Yoda? From the Star Wars movies? This was claimed to be his chest hair.
We snapped a photo. Daisy sniffed it curiously. Could this be Yoda's Chest Hair?
This just in
Neko and Teko examining Yoda's long lost Chest hair!

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