Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beauty-Its an Opinon

I have decided to write on a topic that seems to be popular, in everyday life. Everyone wants to achieve a certain state, Beauty, The media says certain things are beauty-For Example: Being Skinny
So I decided why not write about it? I present a 3 part article. (3 articles separate! Sorry I can't write for hours straight!) 
The titles will be:

Beauty-Its an Opinon
Beauty-Isn't always Real
Beauty-Different every Culture.

Beauty Different In Every Eye 

Everyone is different, You've probably heard those words over and over. Its true though, Everyone thinks differently, look different, have different opinions, since everyone is different, their views are going to different, maybe their opinion on beauty might be different than the next person. 
There is some people who like to share the "Medias Opinion" on beauty, lots of people think that the media is right and represents the opinions of thousands of people, media affects EVERYTHING, no one can be untouched by the media, that doesn't mean everyone is affected by it, it just means you can't live your life without coming across media one time or another.

The Media tells us that beauty is:
Smooth Skin,
(Add more)

We'll cover that more in the second part of the article.

People are different, just burn that into your mind.
Everyone has different interests and likes, so therefore they will have different opinions and traits they seek for.

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