Monday, October 11, 2010

The Great Debate: What Makes More Money Halloween Or Christmas?

You look out your window and see a whole bunch of kids running around in bright costumes, or dark costumes. You hear your doorbell ring and go to see who it is, even though you KNOW who it is. You open your door to immediately hear the same phrase your sick of, or you have grown to love. "Trick Or Treat!" The little kids yell in their little squeaky voices. You see a little witch (Costume) a popstar, and a ghost, Yes the classic Bedsheet one. 
You grab some of those kit kat bars, and put them into their bags, than they run off to the next house, you sit down to enjoy some Smallville, only to be interupted by another ringing of the doorbell.

A couple months later, you walk down the stairs to see a lighted christmas tree loaming over your living room, brightly wrapped  presents await you, You make some hot chocolate and wait for the rest of your family to awaken, you quickly sigh at the cost of this years presents.

Now we boil down to the question, which makes more money? With some Halloween costumes soaring over a $100, and with all the candy rising in prices. Will Halloween beat the expensive christmas presents?

First lets look at how much Halloween makes:
According to: Nielsen Research, approximately $1.9 billion (or 598 million pounds) of candy is sold during the Halloween season. The candy alone is a Billion dollar business! Costumes-Some people spend a mere $2 on glue and use old clothes. (I Salute you) well some people spend up to $100 on a one wear costume! 

Now lets look at Christmas,
According to American Consumer Credit Council, The average American spends $935 each year on presents, thats not even including food and vacations. So sadly (For halloween that is) 
Christmas is still the winner!

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