Saturday, September 4, 2010

School Begins Soon

For you Canadians, you may have checked your calenders and been like 'OH DARN! School starts on Tuesday!" Or you may have said it with some inappropriate language, You parents probably looked at it and were like "YES!" 
Like that staples commercial:
In it I'm probably the kid with the frowny face, while my brother and sister are kind of  excited, My Sister is excited to show off her new clothes, and jump around in her Knee High Socks, My Brother is happy because his girlfriend is in the same class as him.

I'm sad because I won't be able to sit there all day and draw, and watch anime. 
This is what some people are like:

There are three types of BACK TO SCHOOL!  1: They are all excited, but usually start dreading school by November.
2: Those who dread school
3: Those who just go for the "Hot Girls or "Hot Guys"
(All drawn by me!)

What back to school type are you?

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