Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Apple IPad

In April 2010, The New Apple I-pad will be released. But are the prices to high?
Before with the release of the I pod and the I-phone. The prices are specifically chosen to be semi expensive. Usually being less than $250 dollars. That way its easy for everyone to afford.
But, with the I-Pad the starting price is $499. $500. The starting price of a good laptop.
Laptops don't have touch screens, but they have more speed and space than a I-Pad. They also have the capability to hold more programs. More programs are made for windows than Mac. The Facts show it because in North America as of 2007. 3% of the population owned Macs. While Less than 2% owned Lynx operated computers.
The rest of the population owning computers were of Windows. The I-Pad is around the size of a Netbook. Some Netbooks are $300. Could the I-Pad be too expensive?
Why would people buy this I-Pad if they can buy a netbook for less?
The Name:
Apple has a "If you own this your cool" name.
According to some predictions, the I-Pad's price will lower in the next couple of years. Being that it will be expensive when First released. As it was with the I-phone and I-pod touch.

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