Sunday, August 16, 2009

World's Most Evil Toys

This is Exclusive, We, Us, Neko and Teko. Have put together a special report of the TOP 10 Most Evil Toys in the World. Warning: Before you read on, You may want to note that these toys are 99.9999901837% evil. So here we go.

World's Most Evil Toys: By Neko and Teko

In 10th place: Barbies
Barbies are evil because they are made of Plastic, Children can choke on plastic, their Dresses are used to kill people by wrapping it around their necks.

In 9th Place: Pokemon Cards
These Cards can be used to make Paper Cuts, Which is very dangerous, Because Paper Cuts allow dangerous chemicals that live on the Pokemon cards to enter the Blood Stream. Plus the Ugly Creatures can give someone a Heart Attack.
In 8th Place: Tamagotchi
These Annoying things Beep and can deafen you from their Greedy Racket.

In 7th Place: Toy Knives
You know why

In 6th Place: Toy Candy
Kids think It`s real and gobble it down and DIE!

In 5th Place: Bug Spray
It`s no Toy, but If you spray it on little kids that are Mosquitoes to you they will DIE and you will go to Jail and Die and then the Jail will DIE!

In 4th place: Club Penguin
Even though it is a Computer Game these Penguins can shot Red Lasers out of their Eyes causing KIDS TO DIE! Look at that little evil Penguin at work. Looking at it`s next victim...
In 3rd Place: Kooky Clickers
These Pens can be used to stab someone, yet the funny goofy faces hide their sinister plans...
In 2nd Place: Butter Milk
We have no idea what it is but it is the 2nd most dangerous toy in the world.

The world`s most dangerous and evil toy is.....
Rated the Worlds most safest toy (what a joke) Used as Military Weapons is....
This toy is used to kill people and they DIE DIE DIE
Look at its evil eyes.

Beware of these Evil Toys...
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Safe Soft Toys store filled with Evil Toys...

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  1. Wow that's longer than your usual!
    Super Funny, and lots of Photos,
    You should make more lists like this!
    Maybe you could do one on Top songs, or most evil yucky food
    ~Flame Fire


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